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Featured Press

Stacie Smith's Mixed Media Art

01 Apr Illuminations: Ones to Watch

Stacie Smith is featured on Western ART & Architecture - From Cowboy to Contemporary in a May 2017 post by Michele Corriel. Like a visual diary, Stacie Smith's mixed-media works reveal her heart in scissored silhouettes and paint, ink, graphite and found objects. Smith combines these...

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27 Nov Featured Artist in Explore Big Sky

I am featured in Explore Big Sky by Marla Wyllie, January 4, 2013. Inspired by her journey through life, Stacie Smith creates jewelry and paintings, each piece telling a different tale. Smith used to see her work as separate pieces of art, but she now realizes they...

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27 Nov Featured Artist in the Bozeman Magpie

I am featured in the Bozeman Magpie by Michele Corriel, July 1, 2013. A mixed media artist filters through the world's ephemera, combining tickets stubs, pressed flowers, and photographs to create art that resonates through the combinations of the mundane. Like the optometrist who clicks the...

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