Featured Artist in Explore Big Sky | Stacie Smith Designs
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Featured Artist in Explore Big Sky

Featured Artist in Explore Big Sky

I am featured in Explore Big Sky by Marla Wyllie, January 4, 2013.

staciesmith_blog4Inspired by her journey through life, Stacie Smith creates jewelry and paintings, each piece telling a different tale.

Smith used to see her work as separate pieces of art, but she now realizes they feed off each other, representing a personal dialogue in which she examines her own experiences.

“I think of my work as telling a story,” Smith said. “Sometimes it’s my own, and sometimes it’s how people are affecting my life.”

Due to their visual nature, Smith’s paintings tell these stories, and this year, she’s sharing them by creating a monthly painting, each based on a different person in her life.

“It’s a definite allegory,” she said. Click Here to Read the Full Story.