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Featured Artist in the Bozeman Magpie

Featured Artist in the Bozeman Magpie

I am featured in the Bozeman Magpie by Michele Corriel, July 1, 2013.

staciesmith_blog3A mixed media artist filters through the world’s ephemera, combining tickets stubs, pressed flowers, and photographs to create art that resonates through the combinations of the mundane. Like the optometrist who clicks the lens into place, asking, “Better?” until the blurred lines go away, the artist focuses their selected parts into a single viewable parcel. Local artist Stacie Smith’s work shows both generosity and sparseness in its palimpsests of gathered objects.

“Mixed media feels soulful to me,” Smith says, sitting in her concise studio, sorting through receipts from a recent trip to Minneapolis. The receipts will lend their texture and inked numbers to a new collage. “There’s more of a dialogue with this art form.”

In the last couple of years she’s stretched into mixed media collage. Incorporating things she finds—bits of papers she’s accumulated, trash, paint, and photographs—Smith works with an openness that allows the free flow of emotions and messages. Smith is more than her family name; she is a metalsmith who teaches the craft at Bozeman High School. Read the full article…